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Note:: ***CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!*** All profiles are in relation to this doujinshi ONLY, and may not necessarily correspond with those of the manga/anime.

Rock Lee::

19 year old Jonin. Optimistic, hard-working, and honest. Taijutsu specialist. Has long harbored feelings for Kunoichi and Medic nin Haruno Sakura. During a routine ambassador mission, he finds himself inadvertently with a bride.



Soragakure (Village hidden in the Sky) - Sora, the Sky village. Located on the very borders of Suna within the Land of Wind. The people of Sora make their homes in the highest cliffs of the desert. Primarily Genjutsu users. Rumored to have the unique ability (chakra control) to fly. They are known to be extremely weak combatants. [A/N: I modeled the village and people after a mixture of African tribes. Most notably the Dogon and Tellem.]

Sunagakure (Village hidden in the Sand) - Suna, The Sand village. Located in the Land of Wind. Home of the Sand Nin.

Konohagakure (Village hidden in the Leaves) - Konoha, the Leaf village. Located in the Land of Fire. Home of the Leaf Nin.

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