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"..this is my way of the Ninja."
He only wanted three things out of life; to be acknowledged as a great Shinobi, to make Gai-sensei proud, and to win the heart of one Haruno Sakura. But sometimes what you want, and what fate has written, are two entirely different things…


Primary Lotus is a sort of alternate universe doujinshi. AU, because, although the characters act and behave as themselves for the most part, the events and situations that take place are certainly not canon.

This Doujin would take place about four years after the events in Shippuden. While on a mission, Lee inadvertently finds himself with a bride, while at the same time still wrestling with his ever growing feelings towards the confusing Haruno Sakura. To make matters worse, there is still the rising Akatsuki threat to contend with, as well as the slow decline of the dwindling Leaf’s forces. Throw in the Sand, the Sky (see bottom) and the possibly dangerous reemergence of one Uchiha Sasuke, and you have Primary Lotus.

The Sky Village (Soragakure, or Sora for short) is a village I created for this doujin. At the moment, I don’t think there is such a village in the actual Naruto universe…*there is a Cloud Village, (Kumogakure), a Star Village (Hoshigakure), and a Land of Birds (Tori no Kuni), but I have yet to see a Sky village* but ofcourse, this may or may not change since the manga series is still going on. But for now, Sora is strictly fictional to this Doujin. I based the actual village and it's people on the Dogon and Tellem tribes of Africa.

I will add more info as the story develops.

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